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Direct Mail

Why Use Direct Mail Advertising

Direct Mail reaches consumers with a tangible item in their mailbox. You can guarantee 98% of those households in the zip codes mailed will at least touch and see your ad. In addition, ads with coupons can gauge the effectiveness of their investment by the amount of customers who call or come in with the printed coupon or ad.

Complete Mailing Solutions


Valassis is a leader in intelligent media delivery, providing over 15,000 advertisers proven and innovative media solutions to influence consumers wherever they plan, shop, buy and share. Valassis precisely targets its clients’ most valuable shoppers, offering unparalleled reach and scale.

We reach 100 million households each week. We also touch 9 out of 10 U.S. households in the mail. We serve 15,000 local, regional and national advertisers worldwide, including a blue‐chip client base. We maintain the industry’s largest database of over 15,000 publications, utilizing a one‐of‐a‐kind media planning tool to optimize marketers’ plans. We extend our brand partners’ reach online at and across our RedPlum Network. We help American families recover missing children through our Have You Seen Me?® program.


Mspark™ is a direct marketing company with the proven ability to engage 22 million households every month with 98% penetration. With less than 3 out of 10 rural households subscribing to a newspaper, the mailbox becomes a critical media to reach rural consumers.

Mailbox Merchants

Mailbox Merchants is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and is the Northwest’s largest independently owned shared mail provider. Founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of Signature Graphics, (a commercial printing and solo mail company), Mailbox Merchants provides shared mail advertising to over 2 million households in 31 regional markets across six Western states.

National Mail-It

National Mail-It is a Turn-Key Print Distribution Marketing Company that both targets and saturates your market area. Shared Mail, the core business of National Mail-It, is a viable alternative to shrinking newspaper distribution. We presently cover Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico. National Mail-It is a founding member of ANNE (Allied National Network Extension) and has been an innovator in the shared mail industry. National Mail-It offers mailbox distribution thru shared mail and solo mail to guarantee targeted or saturated coverage in your market.

Market Select

Market Select’s direct mail advertising program is constantly evolving. Starting in Berks County in 1991, we have expanded our services to include Lehigh Valley and Lancaster County. Over 510,000 homes strong!

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