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Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Acquisition Solutions

Combining Digital and Print Advertising together will completely immerse your target audience with your brand and capture prospective customers’ attention further boosting the results and effectiveness of both channels. On average, businesses increased their order value by more than $3 when using the two mediums combined, while also getting a 25% response rate.

Multiple Touch Points

Digital and Direct Mail can be staggered to keep your brand in front of your audience longer. By sending another touch point to your audience you are creating an additional opportunity to capture attention which will generate more qualified leads resulting in more sales.

Consistent Branding

Adding digital creates another opportunity to engage with your target audience enabling you to maintain a consistent look and feel to your brand across multiple channels.

Extended Reach

Digital marketing and direct mail perfectly complement one another. Using a portion of your budget that was dedicated to traditional advertising and applying it to digital will reach more prospective customers than just direct mail alone.

Multiple Channel Marketing

Our digital marketing program allows you to interact directly with your target audience through email, display, and mobile traffic. You can choose your target audience from our database of 95 million consumer ePostal records with over 500 categories.

We link the ePostal data of your target audience to cookies and mobile device IDs so we can reach the same customer across multiple devices simultaneously. Our marketing automation platform can optimize inbox placement with email traffic and re-target openers and clickers using desktop, mobile and social channels.

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