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New Homeowners & New Movers

We have the best data

  • Quality data and accuracy by being the data originator/compiler

  • New Homeowner and Mover data with the most accuracy on the market

  • Strips out over 25% waste that others don’t, which has tremendous impact on the ROI

  • On average is 4 weeks faster than other data sources

  • Data is compiled from a variety of different sources i.e. Real Estate, Title, Utility, Escrow, County Recorder and 25 other proprietary sources

  • Our databases are also compiled of Pre-Mover, ReFi, New Construction, New Mom, National Consumer and Business databases.


We can draw a Custom Trade Area (CTA) so you're only targeting certain movers in the region using Advanced Targeting Methods. We use over 500 different selects and advanced audience propensity models to target your ideal audience.

  • Flexible Creative to allow

  • Offers

  • Headlines

  • Copy

  • URL’s

  • Phone numbers

  • Maps to closest location

  • Disclaimers, legal copy, financing etc.

  • Trackable 800, Vanity or Client phone numbers

  • Our data is constantly scrubbed to ensure accuracy


Our email is delivered through industry leading ESPs (Email Service Providers) to ensure the highest Inbox rate possible

Versioning by Store / Tracking & Analytics

  • By distance

  • Transaction size

  • Demographics: Owner/Renter, SFDU/MFDU, Purchase Price, Income

  • Geo Targeting Zip Code

  • Radius

  • County

  • Custom Trade Area™

  • Rooftop/ Lat/Long

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